HALLELUJAH!! It’s over!



You know that feeling of relief you get when you finish taking care of some major business that has been clogging you up for a while and all that’s left is a pile of crap? Well that’s the exact feeling I got after watching the finale to Passionate Love. Is it completely disgusting? You’re damn right. Was I contemplating even putting that line in? I don’t even want to know what kind of person would be comfortable talking about poop on her blog, but hey who am I to judge right? In this case I’m relieved and Passionate Love is the crap! See, it describes my feelings perfectly!:)

I don’t know how many of you guys have watched the drama Passionate Love and were crazy enough to even stick with it after 47 episodes. I believe I deserve in award for this…or to be put in a mental institution. It’s a sickness really. I hate leaving anything unfinished, even when it’s this torturous. Does that make me a masochist? Ok maybe I’m getting carried away here, back to the drama!

In short, Passionate Love is a melodrama that was supposed to be about 2 star crossed lovers overcoming many obstacles. The main one being the male leads father killed the female leads entire family. Let me emphasize the SUPPOSED TO. This drama ended up taking a huge turn, no wait scratch that, I mean it crashed through the guard rail, rolled down a mountain, then drove off a cliff…..then exploded.



Let me see, where can I start so you guys can see I’m not exaggerating. Ah ok, I’ll start with the leads: Kang Moo Yeol & Han Yoo Jung. I’ve never seen more boring characters in my life. Their short lived romance is pathetic and they pretty much just cry the entire time. Which brings on the question of who the hell got to pick the title name? Where is this passionate love you speak of? Where?!? At first Moo Yeol falls in love with Yoo Jung’s older sister only to have his father kill her and her father in the attempt to steal his grandfathers company. They later fall for each other without knowing and then break up when things start to slowly be revealed. Sure, it seems like an ok premise and it wouldn’t have been so bad…if they actually ended up together in the end! Yes people, we have finally found a drama where the main couple doesn’t end up together. Their so called passionate love is thrown away in a ridiculously rushed finale.

Let me explain.  Through out the entire drama, even up to the ending episodes, the main couple supposedly still loved each other. The female lead ended up getting married to another man in the middle out of sympathy and she supposedly never really loved him. Then in the finale they end up giving up on their love and settling for the other people who they have no feelings for. Uggh I just can’t with this one.

There are just so many things about this drama I hate but if I put it all up here this post will be long enough to be made into a book. So I decided to just sum of my feelings with character screen caps and side notes…enjoy:)


One of the very few things that kept me watching this drama was Hong Nan Cho’s outfits. I don’t know who her fashion designer was but who over you are thank you for keeping me entertained. Here she is wearing some kind of bedazzled neck balls.


Ugggh this is pretty much his catch phrase. This boy is just plain irritating.


Her reaction when she heard she was stuck with this this character for 47 episodes.


Hi my name is Moo Yeol. I’m a crazy obsessed man child who can’t get over a girl even if she married my brother and is pregnant with his child. Any takers?

Ok rant over. Moral of this post: STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM PASSIONATE LOVE!!!