HALLELUJAH!! It’s over!



You know that feeling of relief you get when you finish taking care of some major business that has been clogging you up for a while and all that’s left is a pile of crap? Well that’s the exact feeling I got after watching the finale to Passionate Love. Is it completely disgusting? You’re damn right. Was I contemplating even putting that line in? I don’t even want to know what kind of person would be comfortable talking about poop on her blog, but hey who am I to judge right? In this case I’m relieved and Passionate Love is the crap! See, it describes my feelings perfectly!:)

I don’t know how many of you guys have watched the drama Passionate Love and were crazy enough to even stick with it after 47 episodes. I believe I deserve in award for this…or to be put in a mental institution. It’s a sickness really. I hate leaving anything unfinished, even when it’s this torturous. Does that make me a masochist? Ok maybe I’m getting carried away here, back to the drama!

In short, Passionate Love is a melodrama that was supposed to be about 2 star crossed lovers overcoming many obstacles. The main one being the male leads father killed the female leads entire family. Let me emphasize the SUPPOSED TO. This drama ended up taking a huge turn, no wait scratch that, I mean it crashed through the guard rail, rolled down a mountain, then drove off a cliff…..then exploded.



Let me see, where can I start so you guys can see I’m not exaggerating. Ah ok, I’ll start with the leads: Kang Moo Yeol & Han Yoo Jung. I’ve never seen more boring characters in my life. Their short lived romance is pathetic and they pretty much just cry the entire time. Which brings on the question of who the hell got to pick the title name? Where is this passionate love you speak of? Where?!? At first Moo Yeol falls in love with Yoo Jung’s older sister only to have his father kill her and her father in the attempt to steal his grandfathers company. They later fall for each other without knowing and then break up when things start to slowly be revealed. Sure, it seems like an ok premise and it wouldn’t have been so bad…if they actually ended up together in the end! Yes people, we have finally found a drama where the main couple doesn’t end up together. Their so called passionate love is thrown away in a ridiculously rushed finale.

Let me explain.  Through out the entire drama, even up to the ending episodes, the main couple supposedly still loved each other. The female lead ended up getting married to another man in the middle out of sympathy and she supposedly never really loved him. Then in the finale they end up giving up on their love and settling for the other people who they have no feelings for. Uggh I just can’t with this one.

There are just so many things about this drama I hate but if I put it all up here this post will be long enough to be made into a book. So I decided to just sum of my feelings with character screen caps and side notes…enjoy:)


One of the very few things that kept me watching this drama was Hong Nan Cho’s outfits. I don’t know who her fashion designer was but who over you are thank you for keeping me entertained. Here she is wearing some kind of bedazzled neck balls.


Ugggh this is pretty much his catch phrase. This boy is just plain irritating.


Her reaction when she heard she was stuck with this this character for 47 episodes.


Hi my name is Moo Yeol. I’m a crazy obsessed man child who can’t get over a girl even if she married my brother and is pregnant with his child. Any takers?

Ok rant over. Moral of this post: STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM PASSIONATE LOVE!!!



To Re-watch or not to Re-watch?

Why the shower scene you ask? Because this post is about making a decision. Guys do all the thinking in the shower in kdramas:)

Why the shower scene you ask? Because this post is about making a decision. Guys do all the thinking in the shower in kdramas:)

That is the question that has been constantly plaguing my mind lately. I’m sure I’m not alone either. As a fellow kdrama addict it’s a given that we are sometimes faced with the decision to either start a new drama or re-watch one of our favorites. Sure, it might be easy to re-watch an old favorite when nothing new catches our attention but this isn’t necessarily the best choice.

Let me explain.

For many of us kdrama fans, there are always certain dramas that hold a special place in our hearts. It could be because of certain scenes, favorite characters, or maybe just a well written story. Whatever the case, we have our favorites. And as time goes on, sometimes you get the urge to re-watch some of these, but I just want to point out that this decision needs to be made with caution.

Some memories are better left as beautiful memories!

I have chosen to re-watch a couple of my favorite dramas without giving it much thought and have acquired a handful of tainted memories as a result. What I mean is that these dramas that I’ve thought so high of at first are not as I remembered them to be.

Since I have already seen them, I knew what was going to happen so I found myself paying more attention to the other parts of the drama. I kept getting disappointed with what I found. The OST wasn’t up to par, some scenes were cut short or too long, the drama started to drag. These were just some of the comments that popped into my head as I re-watched some of my favorites.

To sum up my thoughts, I really regret re-watching my favorites. My beautiful memory has become now become fuzzy. Sometimes to the point where I ask myself why I even liked it so much in the first place.

So for all of you guys who are tempted to re-watch an old favorite my advice would be to skip it. If you want it to remain as your favorite at least. Sometimes a good memory is better left at just that…a memory.
What do you guys think? Have you ever re-watched a drama and still loved it as much as you did the first time? Leave your comments below!

My Love From Another Star: Episode 16-19 Discussion


Episode 16 picks up right when Min Joon pulls out his romantic alien moves and lights up the whole set on top of lifting Song Yi into the air. I mean jeez can they get any cheesier. Anyways with that scene aside, of course Min Joon gets sick right after he kisses her.
Fast forward a little bit and you’ll come to my favorite scene in this episode. The scene where Song Yi’s brother and Min Joon bond. It is such a cute scene. I always thought her brother was nothing like her, but it turns out his personality is the same. He turns from an angry and jealous little brother to having grown a man crush on Min Joon.

This episode also has a tear jerker scene. Song Yi finally put an end to his one sided love. The poor guy couldn’t even take hearing the words so he asked her not to say it out loud:’( Although I felt bad I’m so glad Song Yi wasn’t dumb enough to pull the whole “he risked his life now I have to stay with him” stunt. I would have seriously punched my screen.
The rest of the episode just consisted of Min Joon and Song Yi waiting for her scene on set. While they were waiting Min Joon decides to have a little fun with his powers. Song Yi was having a blast dominating Go Stop, with a little help from Min Joon of course.
And with all the fun they were having, it’s a shame the episode had to end on a sad note. Min Joon finally told Song Yi that he had to leave in a month:/ No lie, my eyes were completely swollen the next day from crying so much T_T
Episode 17 continues on that sad note with Song Yi and Min Joon drinking their sadness away. Poor Min Joon was so devastated he caused a whole power outage to down town Seoul! This whole situation causes a whole bittersweet ending. The bright side is that Song Yi and Min Joon decide to spend their time together anyways, but the bad side is that Min Joon ends up deciding to stay with her even though he could possibly die.
Now to catch up with our villain’s situation. So far Hee Kyung has found out all about his brother’s evil ways. He even managed to rescue his brother’s ex-wife from the mental hospital she was trapped in.
But of course, Hee Kyung’s discovery now puts him on Jae Kyung’s hit list. He would have killed him if it wasn’t for Min Joon swooping in to rescue him. The whole scene gets caught on camera which gets them enough evidence to arrest him. In seconds they are all swarmed with cameras all around. Jae Kyung makes his last attempt to hurt Min Joon by telling him that Song Yi has been poisoned. Min Joon of course uses his powers regardless of who’s watching to save her. He succeeds and spends the rest of the day with her somewhere on a romantic island. He even proposes to her at the end! It was such a sweet scene but Song Yi regrettably had to tell him to leave. She would rather have him be able to exist somewhere than him die on earth. Ughhhhh why do they make me cry so much! T_T I don’t think there is any more water left in my body!


And with that, comes the end of episode 19. I really, really, really don’t want this drama to end!! Next week will be the finale! Noooo, not yet I’m not ready:’(

How do you guys think this drama will end? Will he leave? Stay? Come back? Leave your comments below!:)

My Love From Another Star: Episode 9-15 Discussion

Ok so we left off last time when Song Yi and Min Joon had their first kiss. Episode 9 starts off with an extremely sick alien. I mean the guy practically dies. Who knew our indestructible alien’s only weakness was a little saliva? Very original too I might add. Although it sucked that he got so sick, Song Yi playing nurse was just adorable.


And that’s pretty much all that happens in episode 9. Nothing too surprising, just Song Yi entertaining us as usual.

The next episode on the other hand is where we get all the “dun dun dun!” moments. First off, Song Yi starts to get very suspicious of Min Joon. She finds fragments of her car in his trash can and questions him about it, but of course he denies yet again. Our cops also make a huge discovery. They find out Yoo Ra had a boyfriend; not only that but she was also pregnant! Damn our villain even killed his own kid.

Now as for our 2 lovers, Song Yi finally admits she likes Min Joon. And what do you think he does? Yep, you guessed it. He acts like he doesn’t care as usual.

The most dramatic moment  comes right at the end when Min Joon finally reveals himself in front of Jae Kyung. I just love it when he said “I told you. You cannot kill me.” Muhahah total badass right there! Jae Kyung’s face when he disappeared was hilarious. He was completely dumbfounded.

And of course with every attempt to be cool, something goes wrong. Min Joon unfortunately gets shot by the tranquilizer gun and is sick for a little bit. A little later Song Yi tries her best to relay her feeling to Min Joon but he coldly turns her down, not without stopping time to kiss her of course:) This huge rejection causes Song Yi to spiral into the most hilarious drunk behavior I have ever seen. No lie this scene had me rolling!


Unfortunately, this episode took a sad turn when our alien got ran over at the end:(

He goes on recovering for about half of the next episode. While he was recovering, Min Joon had the sweetest dream of Song Yi’s and his future together. It was so heartbreaking when he tried to scare her off in the end by revealing himself. But all his efforts were pointless, Song Yi didn’t care about him being an alien one bit. She kept trying until he coldly turned her down yet again. She later tries to get her mind off of him by taking on a role in an action movie.

Episode 14 is where our villain made a huge mistake. Song Yi and Hee Kyung end at the hospital. Jae Kyung tried to kill Song Yi by cutting her cable while she was doing a stunt, but luckily Hee Kyung caught her in time to save her from dying. This as you can imagine drives Min Joon crazy. To the point where he throws Jae Kyung off the building! Unfortunately he doesn’t kill him:/ Too bad, it would have been a pretty epic scene.

Because of this most of episode 15 is spent in the hospital. Song Yi ends up ok but Hee Kyung got hurt more. While he’s in there, he learns about his brother’s true evil ways.

For the final scene Do Min Joon and Song Yi are alone on the set of the movie she is in. He finally gives up trying to fight his feelings and pulls her in for a kiss. Although it was a cute scene, I found the part when he had her floating in the air pretty hilarious. I mean I get what they were trying to do but it just looked so ridiculous.


Leave your comments below! Episodes 16-19 will be up by tomorrow:)

My Love From Another Star: Episode 8 Discussion


Ok let’s try this one more time. My Love From Another Star Episode 8 discussion attempt 2!

Let’s start with our cliffhanger from the last episode. Cheon Song Yi wakes up to find herself seconds away from driving off a cliff when Bam! our alien comes crashing down and stops the car with his bare hands. The completely shaken Song Yi gets out of the car to find Min Joon nowhere in sight. The poor girl doesn’t even know where she is and she frantically starts calling for Min Joon. And of course he doesn’t respond so she’s left with no choice but to call Hee Kyung for help. And of course he comes running and picks her up and takes her to the hospital where they meet Min Joon. Song Yi asks him if he went to her and he denies everything! Gahhh this is starting to annoy me now. Exactly how much longer is he going to keep hiding things from her? The jig is up man! She has witnessed too many things already to think you’re normal! He also used his powers to beat up the culprits…just how is he going to get himself out of that one?

Anyways with all this commotion about someone trying to murder Song Yi, Min Joon decides it would be safer for her to stay with him for the time being. I can already tell something is going to happen between them:) And with that, Song Yi’s antics begin. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the whole shoe fetish skit lol.

kdrama4 kdrama5

She goes on to destroy a couple of Min Joons most valuable antiques in an attempt to help with the chores. I found it so cute that he doesn’t even get mad at her anymore. Just goes to show that he has already fallen for her lol.

Now for our detectives progress. The detectives have just found out that Yoo Ra’s will that she left was indeed her handwriting. But it turns out she wrote it when Jae Kyung took her to a death expo. Wow wasn’t expecting that one. Our villain sure is clever. So now the police need to figure out who that man that accompanied her is. But the problem is there are no CCTV’s or witnesses (shocker :0). And to top it off, the only person who saw the man’s face has just been found dead. When will our detectives get a break?

Fast forward a little and we have our secondary character’s situation. This is where I really start to get annoyed with Hee Kyung. I mean how can he not tell that she’s in love with him?? The poor girl has had a crush on him since they were kids and he was too caught up with Song Yi to notice. Hopefully he finally takes the hint after that phone call.


Checking back in with Song Yi, we now have her going to see a psychiatrist. Our alien has made her so confused with everything that she now believes that she is going crazy.


The doctor has diagnosed her with having hallucinations due to too much stress and depending too much on Min Joon.

Meanwhile Min Joon is starting to develop some feelings he’s never had before. He is starting to crave others company more rather than just being alone all the time. He’s now dreading to come home to an empty house where no one is waiting for him. But unknown to Min Joon, a little surprise is waiting for him at home…Cheon Song Yi with chicken and beer! I was looking forward to seeing our little alien drunk but sadly due to a little incident that happened hundreds of years ago, that’s not going to happen lol.


And now to talk about my favorite part of this episode. The kiss!!! It was just so cute. Cheon Song Yi tells Min Joon to give her 15 seconds. If she doesn’t mesmerize him in that amount of time then she will admit that she’s as good as a tree. She goes on and just makes cute faces at him and just when the time runs out he pull her in for a kiss. Really wasn’t expecting him to make the first move with his personality and all but hey I’m not complaining:)

kiss kdrama

Can’t wait for next weeks episode! Let me know what you thought of this episode below!:)

Answer Me 1994

answer me

Synopsis: Answer Me 1994 is a sequel to the earlier kdrama Answer Me 1997. As in the previous drama, the story is set in the 90’s around a group of friends as they discover friendships, hardships, and love.

Ok so I’ll start off by being honest and admitting that I was kinda putting this drama off at first. I’m not a fan of the whole 90’s fashion so as you can tell by the picture I wasn’t very intrigued. The only reason I decided to give it a try was because I needed something to watch in the meantime while waiting for other dramas that were currently airing. And let me tell you I am so glad I did:)

This drama had me hooked from the very first episode. The whole cast was absolutely hilarious! I especially loved the characters Na Jung (lead female) and the dad (Sung Dong Il). Na Jung weird, hot tempered, and flat out hilarious. She was a crazy girl obsessed with a basketball player and she wasn’t afraid to let anyone know either. I mean just take a look lol.

As for the dad…well I think these give enough explanation.

Answer Me 1994

Anyways, besides this drama being hilarious, I don’t think I’ve ever been so confused as to which character the main girl ends up with in the end. With every episode it makes you think it’s a different guy. And just when you are 99% sure your guess is right, they throw in something that makes you second guess yourself. Ugggghhhh just thinking about the whole thing makes me frustrated>:(

Is it trash oppa?

Maybe Chil Bongi?

Yep definitely Chil Bongi.

Wait nevermind maybe its trash??

Nope I’m for sure this time it’s definitely Chil Bongi!

Ok WTF is this!!!

I swear this love triangle gave me whip lash lol

Aside from my whining all this really shows is that the writers did a really good job in keeping us guessing. Major props.

Overall I give this drama 4 1/2 stars. My only complaint being that for some reason I think the writers changed the story half way through. I think originally she was supposed to end up with Chil Bongi. My reasoning being that when they showed hints of her husband, Chil Bongi’s figure was the same and when I read the synopsis online it said that it starred  Go Ah Ra(Na Jung) and Yoo Yun Sook(Chil Bongi). Shouldn’t it say it stars the 2 main leads??? Chil Bongi was also M.I.S. for many episodes which makes it even stranger why websites said he stars in it.

But besides by little banter, it’s an awesome kdrama to watch. I highly recommend it:)