Kdrama Recommendations: Romantic Comedy


I don’t know where this is from but doesn’t it just scream Romantic Comedy?

First off I would like to thank Aimee for giving me the idea to recommend a couple of my favorite kdramas by genre.

Today I’ll be doing rom coms since those are my favorites. Some are still airing, but I will specify which ones as I know some of you don’t like to wait a whole week for new episodes. Also keep in mind these are in no particular order and spoiler free! Enjoy!

1. My Love From Another Star


Synopsis: An alien gets dropped off on earth during the Joseon era to study life on the planet. While he is there he falls in love with a widow and unfortunately has to witness her tragic death. 400 years later he comes across a Hallyu star who turns out to be his lost loves reincarnation.

Now as most of you who read my other posts can guess, I absolutely love this drama. Everything about it is just amazing to me. The writing, actors, production, etc. This drama has gained huge ratings and tons of fans, and they are well deserved. The romantic story between the leads is amazing, every episode will give you something to laugh at, and the villain will give you the chills. What more can you ask for?

At first I was a little hesitant to start this drama. I mean the whole plot sounds a little wacky to work, but it does! And beautifully I might add. I also wasn’t particularly fond of the actors, which play a big role in which dramas I choose. I’ve never seen Jeon Ji Hyun in anything and the only big role that I’ve seen Kim Soo Hyun in is as the lead in Dream High. I even found his character extremely annoying.

Even with all these hesitations I decided to give it a shot. And I’m so glad I did:) The actors do an amazing job of portraying their characters and you will fall in love with each and every one of them. My favorite is Cheon Song Yi. Let me warn you though, she will seem a little annoying at first but trust me she will grow on you quick.

That being said you will not regret watching this. Trust me just watch it:)

2. Emergency Couple (still airing)


Synopsis: A divorced couple is brought together in the emergency room where they are both interns in the same hospital.

This drama is like the Korean version of Greys Anatomy. The whole reason I decided to pick up this drama is because of my love for the 2 leads. I love both Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk. They are both amazing actors and I was really looking forward to seeing Jin Hyuk with a less serious character. I really hope he gets more of these kinds of characters because I absolutely fell in love with the man because of his character in this drama.

Emergency couple is absolutely hilarious. Some scenes aren’t the usual type of comedy you normal see in kdramas either. Ughh I’m struggling not to say this since I want this to be spoiler free, but just watch out for the CPR scene. When you watch it you’ll know what I’m talking about;) I was left in tears! (of laughter just to clarify lol)

The special effects team is nothing to laugh at either. Since the setting is in a hospital of course there are going to be some gory scenes but I didn’t expect them to be that great since it was a comedy. I was pleasantly surprised though. The patient’s wounds look very realistic and I end up learning a little about the medical field with each episode. So I guess it’s also educational?

Anyways a very good drama so far. Strongly recommend it.

3. Answer Me 1994

answer me

Synopsis: Answer Me 1994 is a sequel to the earlier kdrama Answer Me 1997. As in the previous drama, the story is set in the 90’s around a group of friends as they discover friendships, hardships, and love.

Again I was putting this drama off for a while. But this time it was for a more shallow reason….their clothes. “Did you seriously just say that?” you ask. Why yes, yes I did. I mean look at them! I’m not a fan of 90’s fashion and seeing these beautiful actors in those horrendous rags they call clothes was not something I was looking forward to.

But with seeing all the good reviews it has been getting I decided to pick it up. Again so glad I did:)

Go Ah Ra’s character has completely stolen my heart. This is the first work I have seen her in and she has made me a fan within the first episode. She really becomes Na Jung and the rest of the cast is nothing to laugh at either. Well actually I take that back….I can’t really say that since they are all freaking hilarious but you know what I mean.

This drama is what they are refering to when they say “laughter is the best medicine”.  Just be warned the love triangle guessing game will a bit frustrating, but other than that great drama.

4. Flower Boy Ramen Shop


Synopsis: A university student is studying for her civil service exam in hopes of becoming a teacher. She starts working at an all boys high school as a student teacher and piques the interest of  Cha Chi Soo: an arrogant heir to a huge conglomerate. When her father dies she is left to run his ramen shop with the man he left it to. Cha Chi Soo along with 2 others end up working there as well and love/comedy ensues!

Stars Jung Il Woo. Enough said…moving on!

Ok not really. As much as I think that should be enough reason for anyone to watch a drama….a lot of you don’t know who he is. What a shame:( So I guess I’ll give a couple more reasons to watch this drama for those few who are unlucky enough to not have come across this gift to mankind.

Let me start by stating the fact that this is a noona romance. For those who don’t know, it means a younger guy older girl relationship. But for those who don’t like these types of romances don’t cross it off your list just yet. Yes, I found it a little creepy as well that a high school student and university student were interested in each other, but the way they came across it worked really well. It’s not creepy at all, trust me.

Our lead female character is another reason to watch this. Lee Chung Ah is amazeballs. She’s strong, speaks her mind, and doesn’t take crap from anyone. Oh and she’s also freaking hilarious. I’m tempted to re-watch this for a 3rd time as I’m typing this. It’s that good people!

Needless to say you will love all the characters in this drama. Well almost….my exception would be Kim Ba Wool’s girlfriend. I just wanted to drop kick her the whole time.

5. Greatest Love


Synopsis: An ex girl group member whose popularity has plummeted and the most popular action star in Korea end up falling in love.

If you are a fan of the Hong Sisters then this drama is right up your alley. I would say that this is one of their best works in my opinion and has become one of my favorites.

I don’t really know what to say about this drama other than it’s a really cute story and Cha Seung Won’s performance will leave you laughing/crying. Although I initially came her because of Gong Hyo Jin, Seung Won’s character is the one who stole my heart. Ding dong!<<<you’ll get it when you watch it:) And you must!

These are just a couple of my rom com faves. I’ll do more next post or a different genre. Leave any comments below!:)


Answer Me 1994

answer me

Synopsis: Answer Me 1994 is a sequel to the earlier kdrama Answer Me 1997. As in the previous drama, the story is set in the 90’s around a group of friends as they discover friendships, hardships, and love.

Ok so I’ll start off by being honest and admitting that I was kinda putting this drama off at first. I’m not a fan of the whole 90’s fashion so as you can tell by the picture I wasn’t very intrigued. The only reason I decided to give it a try was because I needed something to watch in the meantime while waiting for other dramas that were currently airing. And let me tell you I am so glad I did:)

This drama had me hooked from the very first episode. The whole cast was absolutely hilarious! I especially loved the characters Na Jung (lead female) and the dad (Sung Dong Il). Na Jung weird, hot tempered, and flat out hilarious. She was a crazy girl obsessed with a basketball player and she wasn’t afraid to let anyone know either. I mean just take a look lol.

As for the dad…well I think these give enough explanation.

Answer Me 1994

Anyways, besides this drama being hilarious, I don’t think I’ve ever been so confused as to which character the main girl ends up with in the end. With every episode it makes you think it’s a different guy. And just when you are 99% sure your guess is right, they throw in something that makes you second guess yourself. Ugggghhhh just thinking about the whole thing makes me frustrated>:(

Is it trash oppa?

Maybe Chil Bongi?

Yep definitely Chil Bongi.

Wait nevermind maybe its trash??

Nope I’m for sure this time it’s definitely Chil Bongi!

Ok WTF is this!!!

I swear this love triangle gave me whip lash lol

Aside from my whining all this really shows is that the writers did a really good job in keeping us guessing. Major props.

Overall I give this drama 4 1/2 stars. My only complaint being that for some reason I think the writers changed the story half way through. I think originally she was supposed to end up with Chil Bongi. My reasoning being that when they showed hints of her husband, Chil Bongi’s figure was the same and when I read the synopsis online it said that it starred  Go Ah Ra(Na Jung) and Yoo Yun Sook(Chil Bongi). Shouldn’t it say it stars the 2 main leads??? Chil Bongi was also M.I.S. for many episodes which makes it even stranger why websites said he stars in it.

But besides by little banter, it’s an awesome kdrama to watch. I highly recommend it:)