Kdrama Recommendations: Melodrama

This one is for the audience who is looking for something a little more on the serious side. Here are just a few of my favorite kdramas that have a little more…..well, drama. Enjoy:)

1. It’s Okay, That’s Love

Synopsis: While living in the same house a mystery writer and a psychiatrist begin to heal each others psychological wounds.
Ok just bring out the tissues right now because you are going to need them. Trust me. I haven’t cried this hard for a drama in a looooong time. If you don’t shed at least one tear while watching this then I think it’s safe to say that you have no soul and are empty inside.
Just kidding!… ok not really.
This drama stars Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin. While Gong Hyo Jin was the main reason I watched this drama (love her!), I have to say that Jo In Sung’s acting in this drama was what really won me over. I have never seen any of his work before so I was putting my hopes in that it was a Gong Hyo Jin drama, but I’m now officially his fan.
Another big reason why I watched this drama was because I heard Lee Kwang Soo was in it. For those who don’t know Lee Kwang Soo is a comedian/actor most famous for his role in Running Man. He’s hilarious and I’ve seen a few things with him in it but they were all comedy based. I was very curious to see him in a more serious role as he was playing a man with Tourette syndrome.
But besides the actors I think the biggest props would have to be for the writers of this drama. The premise itself is really unheard of in dramas. It touches on issues that are very rarely seen in dramas and it sheds light on the ugly side of human thinking.
I give this drama 5 stars and a standing ovation. It’s one that will surely  end up in your list of favorites 🙂

2. Doctor Stranger

Synopsis: A genius doctor escapes from North Korea and ends up working in a prestigious hospital in South Korea where he vows to make enough money to rescue his true love who was kidnapped.

Aaaand cue the dramatic violin music!


Lol sorry little boy but I had too.

Ok so the only reason why I watched this drama was because it starred Lee Jong Suk. I normally tend to stay away from melodramas but I became a fan after watching him in I Hear Your Voice. The boy has some serious acting chops.

This kdrama is by no means light hearted so be prepared for some dark stuff. I mean you can basically tell at a glance: hospitals+ North Korea+ politics≠ romantic comedy. But besides it being filled with dark scenes, the drama itself was very intriguing to me. The whole thing is very action packed so it does keep you entertained the majority of the time.

My biggest problem with this drama is with the female lead: Jin Se Yun. Her acting irritated me throughout the entire thing. It just wasn’t as good as Lee Jong Suk’s and that destroyed it for me. This was one of those dramas where I was rooting for the second lead but we all know how that goes…:(

But all in all it is a good drama in my opinion. Definitely worth the watch.

3. Secret Love Affair


Synopsis: A sophisticated arts foundation director ends up falling into a relationship with a gifted pianist despite being married and having a big age gap.

Ok let me just warn you that this drama is for a mature audience only. And no I don’t mean that there are sexual scenes in there. What I meant was that only a mature audience would appreciate this drama. I would say a good starting point would be 20 years old or older.

There is very little comedy involved and it deals with a lot of emotional/psychological human issues. The thing that I found most refreshing was that it didn’t try to hide the bad side of humans. No one is a good person 100% of the time nor is anyone bad 100% of the time.

The acting is superb and the leads have very good chemistry despite there being a huge age difference. <<<(cough Prime minister and I take notes cough)

It’s a good watch and has really good classical music in it. Highly recommend it.


Well there you have it, a couple of my favorite melodramas. What genre should I do next? Let me know what you guys think in the comments below! Thanks:)








2 thoughts on “Kdrama Recommendations: Melodrama

  1. I just finished watching Surplus Princess, to my surprise it is more like a comedy than a kdrama, I had a good laugh. Thanks for sharing, I am looking for a new kdrama to watch right now.

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