Answer Me 1994

answer me

Synopsis: Answer Me 1994 is a sequel to the earlier kdrama Answer Me 1997. As in the previous drama, the story is set in the 90’s around a group of friends as they discover friendships, hardships, and love.

Ok so I’ll start off by being honest and admitting that I was kinda putting this drama off at first. I’m not a fan of the whole 90’s fashion so as you can tell by the picture I wasn’t very intrigued. The only reason I decided to give it a try was because I needed something to watch in the meantime while waiting for other dramas that were currently airing. And let me tell you I am so glad I did:)

This drama had me hooked from the very first episode. The whole cast was absolutely hilarious! I especially loved the characters Na Jung (lead female) and the dad (Sung Dong Il). Na Jung weird, hot tempered, and flat out hilarious. She was a crazy girl obsessed with a basketball player and she wasn’t afraid to let anyone know either. I mean just take a look lol.

As for the dad…well I think these give enough explanation.

Answer Me 1994

Anyways, besides this drama being hilarious, I don’t think I’ve ever been so confused as to which character the main girl ends up with in the end. With every episode it makes you think it’s a different guy. And just when you are 99% sure your guess is right, they throw in something that makes you second guess yourself. Ugggghhhh just thinking about the whole thing makes me frustrated>:(

Is it trash oppa?

Maybe Chil Bongi?

Yep definitely Chil Bongi.

Wait nevermind maybe its trash??

Nope I’m for sure this time it’s definitely Chil Bongi!

Ok WTF is this!!!

I swear this love triangle gave me whip lash lol

Aside from my whining all this really shows is that the writers did a really good job in keeping us guessing. Major props.

Overall I give this drama 4 1/2 stars. My only complaint being that for some reason I think the writers changed the story half way through. I think originally she was supposed to end up with Chil Bongi. My reasoning being that when they showed hints of her husband, Chil Bongi’s figure was the same and when I read the synopsis online it said that it starred  Go Ah Ra(Na Jung) and Yoo Yun Sook(Chil Bongi). Shouldn’t it say it stars the 2 main leads??? Chil Bongi was also M.I.S. for many episodes which makes it even stranger why websites said he stars in it.

But besides by little banter, it’s an awesome kdrama to watch. I highly recommend it:)


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