Things that annoy me in kdramas >:/

1. Surprised dead fish kisses
I can not tell you enough about how much I hate these types of kisses in kdramas. I mean it’s one thing for a drama to have a bad kiss scene, but too look absolutely terrified is another. Did these girls not know it was possible to put ones lips on another for a show of affection?? Is it that strange of a notion? Have they been locked in a room away from civilization or what!!! (sigh) smh Anyways, I can let these types of kisses pass if the drama is mainly for a younger audience. Can’t have highschoolers having an R-rated scene now can we lol But when the characters are in their 20s, 30, maybe 40’s and they still don’t know how to kiss is when I want to punch them in the throat. Sorry not sorry:)

2. Ahjummas
Is it just me or are older ladies in kdramas the most nosy, judgmental, and disrespectful women you have ever heard of? Kdramas are notorious for this. They do their best to emphasize the worst of older women stereotypes. For example, if the stereotype is that older women are judgmental, kdramas take them to a whole new level. They judge and criticize people they have barely met to their faces.


Sorry had to put that last one in. Sums up my feelings for these ahjummas:) Who else loves Mean Girls?
3. Overly naive leads
Yet again something that is very common in kdramas. Why are you doing this? Why is my heart beating so fast? Why do I feel so happy when I’m with this person? Blah blah blah. Why can’t these people just admit their feelings instead of asking stupid, redundant questions all the time?
4. Gender discrimination
I know this topic isn’t just a big issue in kdramas, or rather in society as a whole, but I can’t help but seem to notice more of it in kdramas. I’m sure it’s most likely due to the fact that Korean society is more conservative and old fashioned than other countries. Women seem to always get the short end of the stick. The same things that society let pass for men, women get judged for. For example, let’s take the oh so popular playboy character in dramas. He goes out, parties, and hooks up with different women all the time. While he may get teased about his lifestyle, it is still sociably acceptable. Now take that exact same scenario but with a women instead. Ha! Yeah right! There’s no way they would even let that pass. She would be called a whore for the rest of her life. In kdramas, people even view girls just laughing at another man’s joke a slut. Smh


I just love this picture haha

These are just some of the few things that get on my nerves while watching kdramas. Let me know yours in the comments below!:)


My Love From Another Star: Episode 8 Discussion


Ok let’s try this one more time. My Love From Another Star Episode 8 discussion attempt 2!

Let’s start with our cliffhanger from the last episode. Cheon Song Yi wakes up to find herself seconds away from driving off a cliff when Bam! our alien comes crashing down and stops the car with his bare hands. The completely shaken Song Yi gets out of the car to find Min Joon nowhere in sight. The poor girl doesn’t even know where she is and she frantically starts calling for Min Joon. And of course he doesn’t respond so she’s left with no choice but to call Hee Kyung for help. And of course he comes running and picks her up and takes her to the hospital where they meet Min Joon. Song Yi asks him if he went to her and he denies everything! Gahhh this is starting to annoy me now. Exactly how much longer is he going to keep hiding things from her? The jig is up man! She has witnessed too many things already to think you’re normal! He also used his powers to beat up the culprits…just how is he going to get himself out of that one?

Anyways with all this commotion about someone trying to murder Song Yi, Min Joon decides it would be safer for her to stay with him for the time being. I can already tell something is going to happen between them:) And with that, Song Yi’s antics begin. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the whole shoe fetish skit lol.

kdrama4 kdrama5

She goes on to destroy a couple of Min Joons most valuable antiques in an attempt to help with the chores. I found it so cute that he doesn’t even get mad at her anymore. Just goes to show that he has already fallen for her lol.

Now for our detectives progress. The detectives have just found out that Yoo Ra’s will that she left was indeed her handwriting. But it turns out she wrote it when Jae Kyung took her to a death expo. Wow wasn’t expecting that one. Our villain sure is clever. So now the police need to figure out who that man that accompanied her is. But the problem is there are no CCTV’s or witnesses (shocker :0). And to top it off, the only person who saw the man’s face has just been found dead. When will our detectives get a break?

Fast forward a little and we have our secondary character’s situation. This is where I really start to get annoyed with Hee Kyung. I mean how can he not tell that she’s in love with him?? The poor girl has had a crush on him since they were kids and he was too caught up with Song Yi to notice. Hopefully he finally takes the hint after that phone call.


Checking back in with Song Yi, we now have her going to see a psychiatrist. Our alien has made her so confused with everything that she now believes that she is going crazy.


The doctor has diagnosed her with having hallucinations due to too much stress and depending too much on Min Joon.

Meanwhile Min Joon is starting to develop some feelings he’s never had before. He is starting to crave others company more rather than just being alone all the time. He’s now dreading to come home to an empty house where no one is waiting for him. But unknown to Min Joon, a little surprise is waiting for him at home…Cheon Song Yi with chicken and beer! I was looking forward to seeing our little alien drunk but sadly due to a little incident that happened hundreds of years ago, that’s not going to happen lol.


And now to talk about my favorite part of this episode. The kiss!!! It was just so cute. Cheon Song Yi tells Min Joon to give her 15 seconds. If she doesn’t mesmerize him in that amount of time then she will admit that she’s as good as a tree. She goes on and just makes cute faces at him and just when the time runs out he pull her in for a kiss. Really wasn’t expecting him to make the first move with his personality and all but hey I’m not complaining:)

kiss kdrama

Can’t wait for next weeks episode! Let me know what you thought of this episode below!:)

I am Giving Up

So I wanted to give this whole blogging thing a try just for fun but this site is just making it impossible for me. I just started and I was really liking it when this site started to go A wall on me. I only put up 2 posts and for some reason it won’t let me do more! I just got finished writing a discussion for episode 8 of My Love From Another Star. I was really happy with it and it took me a while to complete so I was pretty excited to post it. But no once I pressed the save draft button to save my work like any smart person would do, it decides it’s just going to delete my whole post instead!!! You have no idea how frustrating that was. I tried to keep calm and think positive so I started to rewrite it. About a couple sentences in I decided to save my draft again and the same thing happened! I tried this a couple times so idk what’s going on. Ughhh hopefully this won’t happen again and I will continue but for right now I’m really discouraged and to frustrated to write. Does anyone else have this problem??

My Love From Another Star: Episode1-7 Discussion

Ok so I just finished watching episode 7 from My Love From Another Star and let me tell you it’s one hell of a cliffhanger. So far I’m really enjoying this drama. Although the whole alien thing isn’t a new concept, it is a new concept (that I’ve seen) to kdrama.

With that being said I really wanted to talk about this drama so far…but I didn’t want to do a post for each episode (as that would take forever!) so I’m just doing one up until episode 7 and as the drama airs I’ll do one for each episode.

So let’s start from the beginning. Within the first couple of episodes they show the personality of the main female lead (Cheon Song Yi). To be honest at first I was kind of annoyed at the personality they gave her. They made her a conceited and stupid celebrity. I can deal with the conceited part as there are many characters like that in kdrama but having the lead be dumb really gets on my nerves. But as I continued to watch it started to grow on me. I now find her character funny and cute at times. I especially love when she busts out her English. Her pronunciation is hilarious. Oh and can’t forget her funny and random moments lol

Another thing I love about her character is that they made her somewhat of a bitch. I absolutely love when they do this. I can’t stand when they make the lead females weak and scared of everyone. Cheon Song Yi is the complete opposite, she stands her ground and doesn’t take crap from anyone. Yay for bitchiness:)

Ok so lets talk about the alien in this drama now: Do Min Joon. He’s an alien that has been on earth for 400 years and his time to leave is coming up. So being that he’s so old of course they are going to have flashbacks of him in historical times. That’s where my problem with this drama begins. I personally don’t care for joseon or any type of historical dramas really. They bore me to death. But that’s not anything specifically wrong with it, it’s just my personal opinion.

Anyways back to our alien. Mmm what more can I say other than him being absolutely gorgeous! I mean just look at him!

Not bad for a 400 year old alien right?;)

Another nice piece of eye candy in this drama is the second male lead Lee Hee Kyung.

His character is just so cute. Completely love struck and obsessed with Cheon Song Yi since they were young this man pursues her in the midst of being rejected over and over. The poor guy I just feel like giving him a hug:( Not looking forward to seeing him being rejected for good:/

And then we have the frenemy Yoo Se Mi. She was Cheon Song Yi’s bestfriend up until the last couple episodes. Always by her side and overlooked as an actress she has grown tired of playing sidekick and not getting the spot light she deserves. Although many people hate her now that she’s taken Cheon Song Yi’s spot I can understand her character. I think she was a genuine friend of Song Yi’s up until her mom brainwashed her into thinking Song Yi never considered her a friend. The only thing she shouldn’t have done was to lie about her mom getting hurt but now that everything is in the open of course she is only going to get worse from here on out.

Oh can’t forget our main villain Lee Jae Kyung. Dun Dun Dun!!! One of the creepiest villians I’ve seen in a while by far. And I’m not talking about his looks here people. The creepiness I’m talking about is that he’s a murderer who volunteers at animal shelters??? I mean come on that just screams psycho! When they first showed his character he looked so nice and when he said he wanted to be a vet just like I used to I was just like ommo! I’m going to love this character! 🙂 That is until they cued the evil music on him and he turned into this -_-

Why did they have to have him volunteer at an animal shelter?? Now all I see him doing is going around murdering innocent puppies!:(

Ok enough with the characters. I want to talk about the actual story now. As of this point we have everyone and their mother hate Cheon Song Yi because she is blamed for the death of another actress. The whole thing is a little ridiculous to me. I mean come on, how do you blame the death on someone who was just mean to her? It’s not like she killed her herself, but of course this is typical in kdrama. So with this situation Cheon Song Yi loses all her roles and sponsorships. She’s now being a bum at her house and our alien Do Min Joon is now acting like her bodyguard/manager. He has grown to like her and is now using his super alien powers to save her in everyway possible. So far he has stopped time and saved her drunk ass from falling overboard, used his super speed to save her from being killed by a falling fish bowl, and for our current cliffhanger has now used teleportation (yeah I said teleportation) to save Song Yi from driving off a cliff. Although I find his superpowers cliché and overused, it is still cool to see them in action.

Can’t wait to see the next episode! Let me know what comments you have and share your opinions in the comments below:)

Answer Me 1994

answer me

Synopsis: Answer Me 1994 is a sequel to the earlier kdrama Answer Me 1997. As in the previous drama, the story is set in the 90’s around a group of friends as they discover friendships, hardships, and love.

Ok so I’ll start off by being honest and admitting that I was kinda putting this drama off at first. I’m not a fan of the whole 90’s fashion so as you can tell by the picture I wasn’t very intrigued. The only reason I decided to give it a try was because I needed something to watch in the meantime while waiting for other dramas that were currently airing. And let me tell you I am so glad I did:)

This drama had me hooked from the very first episode. The whole cast was absolutely hilarious! I especially loved the characters Na Jung (lead female) and the dad (Sung Dong Il). Na Jung weird, hot tempered, and flat out hilarious. She was a crazy girl obsessed with a basketball player and she wasn’t afraid to let anyone know either. I mean just take a look lol.

As for the dad…well I think these give enough explanation.

Answer Me 1994

Anyways, besides this drama being hilarious, I don’t think I’ve ever been so confused as to which character the main girl ends up with in the end. With every episode it makes you think it’s a different guy. And just when you are 99% sure your guess is right, they throw in something that makes you second guess yourself. Ugggghhhh just thinking about the whole thing makes me frustrated>:(

Is it trash oppa?

Maybe Chil Bongi?

Yep definitely Chil Bongi.

Wait nevermind maybe its trash??

Nope I’m for sure this time it’s definitely Chil Bongi!

Ok WTF is this!!!

I swear this love triangle gave me whip lash lol

Aside from my whining all this really shows is that the writers did a really good job in keeping us guessing. Major props.

Overall I give this drama 4 1/2 stars. My only complaint being that for some reason I think the writers changed the story half way through. I think originally she was supposed to end up with Chil Bongi. My reasoning being that when they showed hints of her husband, Chil Bongi’s figure was the same and when I read the synopsis online it said that it starred  Go Ah Ra(Na Jung) and Yoo Yun Sook(Chil Bongi). Shouldn’t it say it stars the 2 main leads??? Chil Bongi was also M.I.S. for many episodes which makes it even stranger why websites said he stars in it.

But besides by little banter, it’s an awesome kdrama to watch. I highly recommend it:)